Swinburne University of Technology campaign

Swinburne University of Technology campaign


Mumbrella article states:

Melbourne agency Hello I’m Venus developed the Think Forward campaign for Swinburne University of Technology launched on Sunday.

The announcement:

Melbourne based, Swinburne University of Technology unveiled their new brand campaign with a 60 second TVC in Sunday evening’s debut of ‘The Block’ and ‘The Voice’.

Think Forward, created by Melbourne agency Hello I’m Venus, was a strategic move to position the University in a crowded sector with little differentiation.

“We are living in exponential times, Swinburne has a great history. It’s time to show Swinburne as a University that stands for something” quotes Director of Venus, Miles Mainwairing. “Leading the way in science, technology and innovation and being a University for the future is what Swinburne is all about. ”

The campaign features a 60 second TVC combining Swinburne footage and CGI animation, set to Temper Trap’s iconic track, Sweet Disposition.

Creative Director Jessie Jordan explains, “All of the creative elements showcase projects that the Swinburne community have developed to shape the future. From baby incubators lowering mortality rates in third world countries to developing cars that can communicate with infrastructure. The creative truth is innovation, category leadership and credibility, such as our TEDx Melbourne partnership and the new parallax microsite that creates a hub for the latest innovative ventures.”

According Lee-ann Norris, Swinburne’s Executive Director Marketing & Recruitment: “Think Forward is about presenting a clear and inspiring vision of what Swinburne stands for. The world doesn’t need another traditional university – but one that is future ready and equips students for the jobs of tomorrow. “

Source: Hello I’m Venus media release

Read more – http://mumbrella.com.au/swinburne-university-of-technologys-think-forward-campaign-launched-by-hello-im-venus-155530

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